The Original Wreck Anchor made from hot rolled steel, NOT rebar like the other immitations!

This wreck anchor is made with heavy duty welds, made with both 1 inch and half inch HOT ROLLED STEEL! NOT REBAR. Made in The USA!

Hot rolled steel will allow 10 times more life and bending capability than rebar! Hot rolled steel will not rust like rebar and other metals, eliminating the need to paint or coat them trip after trip!

Weighs 13.5lbs Designed to place most of the weight in the center area, allowing the anchor to sink faster and hold better than other wreck anchors!

Double loop design for easy use on even the roughest bottom.

Will work on boats up to 32 feet. Larger sizes available upon request.

Very affordable, especially when compared to anchors made from rebar that are a much lesser quality.

The design is specially formulated to create a faster sinking action, which is very helpful when dropping on a small piece of real estate.

Limited to in store availability! Please call for availability! 

  • Made from Hot Steel: 10X More Bending Life!
  • NO RUST!: Hot Steel will not rust like rebar does!
  • UNIQUE DESIGN FOR FASTER SINKING TIME!: Sinks faster, holds better!
Steel Wreck Anchors
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Price $69.99
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